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Steven De Coninck, your host



As president of the European Teaching Group of Orthopaedic Medicine (Cyriax) it is my mission to inspire 

and to motivate therapists so that you can improve your clinical efficiency and fun in daily practice.

Inspired by my father, Bob De Coninck (who was the leader of Dr Cyriax's International Teaching Team), I have been teaching since 1991, until now in about 34 countries and had the pleasure to publish a number of books and film productions on modern orthopaedic medicine Cyriax.  

As an ultimate exclusive continuing education experience I created the Master Mind Private Training
because I go for YOUR success in orthopaedic medicine !


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“A thourough clinical examination taking into account extensive anatomical knowledge is very helpful to reach a number of specific diagnoses, making the need for medical imaging less necessary.”
Dr. K. Fabry, Belgium

“I have a big enthusiasm to incorporate this knowledge into my daily practice as a medical doctor, in order to have more fun and efficiency in the field of orthopaedic medicine”
Dr. S. Boonen, Belgium


“During this course I learned, in a relaxed atmosphere, a valueble clinical reasoning process which I can directly implement into clinical practice.”
Mrs. F. Vossen, Holland

"Hi Steven, I just wanted to say hello and send you a quick and very big THANK YOU! After starting my own practice 3 years ago, I have to tell you that – despite all my other training and continued education in all kinds of additional diagnostic and therapeutic methods (Diploma in Osteopathy, Sportsosteopathy, Sportsmedicine, various Forms of Taping, Chinese Medicine Forms, Physical Therapies etc. etc.) I owe a large portion of the success of my practice to the structured and precise diagnostic patterns and clinical reasoning of OM Cyriax!
At first I was kind of sceptical if a practice in the orthopaedic field without having my own X-Ray would work - well, as time and patient-satisfaction show, there is no need for X-Ray in my own practice and the clinical findings through structured examination even surpass MRI occasionally (For example a Lumbar Prolaps I “found” did not show on regular MRI; since symptoms got worse he got an extra thin layer imaging and voila – there it was...)
I can not tell you how glad I am that I took the chance of getting to know you and the OM Cyriax through one of your Introductory Courses and then deciding to go on with the Training through all the Courses. Thank you again! I hope all is well for you and your Family and I wish you all the Best for 2016!"
Dr. Philipp Wolf, MD, Neustadt in Holstein, Germany

"Thanks Steven, your professional seriousness, your friendly approach and willingness to help have taught me what it means to be a serious and competent physiotherapist. It has been one of the most positive experiences in my working life!"
Mrs. V. Consoli, Italy


"I can say : among all my courses I have taken during 16 years as a physiotherapist cyriax course was the best." 
Mr. B. Al Assari, Saudi Arabia

"Hi Steven, thank you very much for everything I learned during the training with you. You are a great teacher, I already start to apply successfully technics learned from you. Personally and professionally I see OM Cyriax method very useful and I will not forget to mention the great time we spent during the training, I had a lot of fun!"
Mr. S. Romas, Romania/France

"I am comfortable to speak for both of us. Mike and I have every intention with going to the course next year! By the way, I have using the lumbar and cervical techniques in my clinic with very favorable results. I do not have the "tabasco" yet, but I am still getting good results. The evalution forms have been very helpful. Thank you, the training has really changed the way I practice and the way I think."
James Trout - Michael Slaminski , USA


“It’s a “no bull shit” course, in which you learn to reach a diagnosis and establish a treatment plan in a fast and efficient way”
Mr. G. Evora, Holland


“I learned to come to a diagnosis in a more objective and specific way, in order to give a more efficient treatment”
Mrs. C. Niet, Holland

"Thanks for everything. As I said previously, this was refreshing experience, and four days in which I learned more than in previous years.You were also an excellent host, and De Haan, as well as Brugge will remain pleasant memories."
Dean Mistura, Croatia

Included in the price



We only accept 4 guests for the Master Mind Training,  you deserve real “Platinum” service !

Register for the 10 day Master Mind private course in orthopaedic medicine, and receive a FREE flight ticket* !

How ?

This unique offer is only valid for those who attend “live” our next free webinar on 23 september 2017 and register online for the 10 day MM training.  During this webinar you will receive a unique promotional code, which you need to enjoy this special offer. Only registrations received between 23 september 2017 11.00 am and 24 september 11.00 am CET are applicable for this offer.

So, you have one day to save a lot of money ! 

Register now for the webinar  : “Mechanical low back pain : clinical value of dural signs and symptoms”

Upon receival of your registration and downpayment, I first will take care of your hotel reservation.
A confirmation letter and other practical details will be sent to you by email.
You will also receive a more specific questionnaire which enables me to further discover your wishes and needs, so that your continuing education will be the one you will never forget.

Included in the price :

  • Airport-hotel-airport private limousine transfers
  • Transfers hotel-training centre
  • 4* hotel incl. breakfast, in the heart of the touristic "Belle Epoque" center of De Haan
  • Lunches during the course, served in various restaurants
  • All course materials and course fees
  • Master Mind Training Certificate
  • Closing Gala dinner
  • And...besides the touristic program, some surprising amenities
  • And…a super ambiente !

    Local currency : Euro

* during the registration process you will receive a reduction of max. 800 Euro.

Satisfaction guarantee


What is our mission ?

To offer you the best available training program world wide in Modern Orthopaedic Medicine Cyriax, and more...
We strongly believe we can do this and therefore we give you a unique satisfaction guarantee.

If, after participating at the 10 day Master Mind private diploma training in modern orthopaedic medicine Cyriax, in the ETGOM Training Centre in Belgium, you would not be satisfied with this training program, then we will give you a cash back refund of your flight ticket (*).

(*) The cash back refund is limited to max. 750 Euro, only after having attended and paid for the full 10 day private training program, upon proof of your flight reservation.


ETGOM Training Centre
Lepelemstraat 4
8421 De Haan
On request I provide an official invitation letter for visa purposes.


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Of course, course certificates of attendance are issued, also stating the number of lecture hours.
The ETGOM courses are recognized by a number of doctor and physio associations world wide and are eligible for accreditations points (depending on the local rules).

But of course, you don’t attend this unique continuing education experience, “just for the points”.
You have a quite different motivation!


All presentations will be given in English. All course materials are also provided in English language.
Optional, courses can be taught in Dutch, French or German.


Course materials


We provide an exclusive package course materials :

  • Extensive hand outs (new 2017 editions) : about 497 pages
  • Summary of scientific reference slides etc.: about 698 powerpoint slides
  • Hard copy book “Clinical Reasoning in Modern Orthopaedic Medicine”: about 159 pages
  • The ETGOM USB card, a 16 GB usb containing about 200 film sections covering all examination and treatment techniques (friction massage, infilration, injection & manipulation)
  • Exclusive Back Instruction Card

On top of that we provide for our Master Mind Guests a number of pdf- files of other publications, from the private library of Steven, related to OM.


How to get there

Veranda fotoDon't worry...I take care of everything! 

Indeed, from any airport in Belgium or railway station, I will provide a limousine service who brings you directly to your hotel in De Haan and, at the end of the program, back to the airport.

Of course, I also take care of your hotel reservations and everyday you will be picked up by myself at your hotel to go to the ETGOM Training Centre. Remember, you are not a "course participant", you are a Master Mind Guest !

Where to stay

belle vueAs my guest you stay in a beautiful very comfortable 4* hotel, with “Belle Epoque” tradition:
The Grand Hotel Belle Vue, which also happened to be the favourite hotel of Albert Einstein.

It is located in the touristic hart of De Haan, close to the beach, forest and shopping area.
The hotel is about 4km from the ETGOM Training Centre.

About De Haan


In De Haan, the most beautiful location along the Belgian Coast (North-Sea), surrounded by nature, dunes, woods and fields, you have the perfect environment for an exquisite learning experience; an experience which will influance not only your professional life.

  • Only 3 hours by car/train from Amsterdam, Paris and London.
  • 1 hr by car/train from Brussels and Antwerp.
  • Only 15 minutes by car from "the Venice of the north" Bruges !
  • Only 40 minutes by car from the city centre of Ghent

At only 10 minutes from the ETGOM-center there is a wonderful 100 year old 18 hole golf club, a real links course.



Lepelemstraat 4
8421 De Haan

Tel: +32 475 730 911