Master Mind

Do you know how to increase your business and patient satisfaction by reaching a valid diagnosis and setting an efficient treatment plan in 10 minutes only?

You are a medical doctor or physiotherapist in charge of a private practice or revalidation department and you have at least 5 years of experience and you treat minimum 10 patients a day, suffering from a soft tissue locomotor problem?

Are you also facing similar concerns?

  • You don’t wish to travel multiple times for several course modules - you prefer to study in one stretch
  • You want a personal training adapted to your needs and study what really helps you to achieve your goals

Here is the ultimate solution !

  • The exclusive all-in-one 10 day Master Mind Private Training in Orthopaedic Medicine for which we accept maximum 4 participants so that you can enjoy the best possible individual training

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Nothing but advantages, your best investment ever !

  • You only have to travel once to get the individual training you are looking for
  • you combine efficient intensive learning with a wonderful leisure and touristic program in the heart of Belgium’s most beautiful area.
  • your co-participants share a similar passion and motivation so that you get inspiration that’s goes beyond your professional life.

I already had the pleasure to welcome guests from the USA, Argentina, Philippines, UAE, Belgium, Holland, Germany, Greece, Serbia, Romania, Italy, Saudi Arabia, Taiwan, South Korea,, make sure you are one of the 4 exclusive guests !

  • I go for YOUR succes in orthopaedic medicine and train you to become the authority in your region, resulting in getting even more respect from your patients and boosting your business!

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Master Mind Training
Sharing a great experience
Master Mind Training
I go for ultimate satisfaction !
Master Mind Training
How learning becomes fun !
Master Mind Training
I go for your success in orthopaedic medicine
Master Mind Training
Efficient learning in a compact time frame
Master Mind Training
A training program in which I guide max. 4 colleagues per group. Really unique!