Online orthopaedic medicine courses

7 solutions for clinical problems MD's and PT's face each day !

You would like to bring your musculoskeletal knowledge to a higher level ?

I help you solving clinical questions and guide you through “live” personal coaching sessions, each month, added with the “Masterclass” study package of 68 lessons on diagnosis and treatment strategy. 

For urgent questions on diagnosis and treatment discover your problem solving Toolbox :

The "Toolbox" is a series of short films which offer you a fast track to a solution for diagnostic and therapeutic questions you experience each day. Clear, comprehensive and practical...for 9.9 euro only


Have a look at 97 examination and treatment procedures, illustrated in a very practical way, and learn how to perform those in the most optimal way for you and your patient, so that you reach optimal efficiency. Available in English, Espanol, Polski.

  • Are you that therapist who is too busy ?
  • You don't have time and money to register for "live" courses and to travel ?
  • You want to learn...but in a more comfortable way ? 

As from now, study orthopaedic medicine anywhere, anytime, in your own rhythm.  discover about 20 hours of instructional films on diagnosis and treatment in orthopaedic medicine.


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Certification is provided for the "Masterclass" study package.



What's the difference between the online distance learning platform and the regular modular "live" courses ?

Well, the online learning platform is designed in such a way that in fact there is practically no difference in comparison to the “live” courses.

I would like to give the opportunity to as many health professionals as possible to study, in a professional way, musculoskeletal medicine.

  • This platform is also a perfect solution for those therapists who don’t have the time or the financial possiblities to travel to attend a “live” course in their country or surroundig country.

  • It is also a perfect tool for those who attend “live” courses and who want to stay “in the flow” by constant updates.

This is so much more than a platform just showing some tests and techniques. Thanks to detailed lectures / films on clinical reasoning you will be able to 

  • discover, interpret and understand clinical images, so that you reach a reliable useful diagnosis.

  • Of course, the specific treatment strategy of each pathology discussed will also be illustrated by practical films.

  • The theoretical lectures on clinical reasoning are the same as the ones during the “live” course, you just don’t have to travel for it and you can watch it anythere and anywhere.
  • The only litte difference is that, during the theoretical lectures online, I don’t give extensive analysis of scientific reference materials, which I do during the “live” courses. The online platform should be practical, compact and powerful in efficiency
  • All functional examination techniques (extremities and spine) and treatment techniques are also illustrated in a practical way
  • There will also be some films explaining in detail the clinical reasoning procedure by using a standardized assessment form and you will  also find some “test-your-knowledge” sections in which I guide you towards the answers.

You will have the choice between different packages, adapted to your needs. Most of the film sections are between 5’ and 35’, also designed for efficient learning. In total we will offer about 20 hrs of instructional films.

If you choose for the Masterclass package, for each film there is also a pdf hand out (in total about 400 pages) describing and illustrating the content of this specific film section and you will receive a possibility for online personal consulting, upon appointment, with a senior teacher, through WhatsApp, Facetime or Skype.

In fact, the only, logical, difference with the “live” courses is that during the “live” courses you have the opportunity to do hands-on exercise on your co-participants.

Therefore we offer a special 4 day hands-on “live” course for those of you who went through the complete “Premium” package, so that you can go for perfection during practical exercise.

 Discover more on the content in the films on this page...and then sign in as a first step towards your success in orthopaedic medicine !